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Back To The Paddock

Apr 30, 2024

Want to know what all the water fasting fuss is about? I chat with hormone health guru, Nat Kringoudis on her personal and professional experience with the benefits of leaving the food behind for a few days.

We cover:

  • Nat's personal experience with water fasting
  • The health benefits of water fasting.
  •  What is...

Mar 25, 2024

I used to have insomnia.

When I first moved to Adelaide (from Kangaroo Island), the fast paced and noisy big smoke put me in a state of frazzle. I'd tried every trick and herb in the book, but I still wouldn't go to sleep until I was utterly exhausted.

When I started studying, I put this and many of my other...

Feb 28, 2024

Know someone with a lisp?

Or perhaps you've questioned if your child's language or speech development is on par with their age?

Maybe you feel completely clueless as to what to expect, as this is your first time around as a parent?

I'll admit, I've found myself wondering at times if my daughters word pronunciations...

Feb 13, 2024

Recently, I discovered a small hole in my eldest daughters front tooth. Naturally, I was horrified!

Knowing just how big of a deal oral health is when it comes to disease prevention and optimal health, I wanted to take a deep dive into how we can prevent and heal cavities, oh and whiten your teeth....naturally.


Jan 31, 2024

While there are different forms of schooling from one school or home to the next, I believe there are some foundations to support your little loves learning experience.

Today I’ll share what I’m doing  with our daughter who’s just started reception, to help with her transition into school, to nourish her body for...